Tuesday, September 20, 2005

and, we will fly..... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

what a trip......

hey guys, been a while since i actually got down to writing something. was sticking to the "picture is worth a thousand words" bit for a while. but cant keep myself from writing about our trip, on sunday last.
yep... 9-11 it was. a tragic day in the US a few years ago, but one hell of a fun day for 4 of us this year. after much cajoling and coaxing, the blogs official driver got ready to venture out to the Jog Falls lst sunday. in fact from the manner in which this had been put off till then, really did not expect it to take off till we finally left.
Destination: Jog falls.
230km from Margao. in Karnataka
Roads: ok, though a bit narrow at places, and rain washed here and there.
Best time to visit: during the monsoons (Only)
Climb down to the bottom of the falls: Only if, you really are missing a marble, or are well equipped (shoes, etc) and supremly fit.
Must carry: Camera, and may be a change of cloths (not necessary), loads of friends
it was one hell of a drive there, probably one of the most scnic ones i have been on. so good in fact, that i clicked 161 total snaps. sachin got his own share too.
the place is to be seen during the monsoons, rest of the time, dont think there is much water there. timing too is critical. by the time we had climbed back up, the place was so thick with fog that we could no longer see the falls.
we ( Parag, Gaurish, Sachin, and me) started at 7am from margao, stopped at parags native palce of mashem. had breakfast ( yesterdays dosa) just past karwar. (Idlis were out of stock every where we checked from Karwar to Honavar). Had brunch at Pandurang's (Honavar) , took 3 pulaos parcel just in case we did not get good food anywhere else. got to the place (70km from honavar) Sachin shows us the way down, though he tried every thing on the way down to convince us from going down. even gave up a few steps from the base. but hell we would let him ditch us. we made it down there, to have a nimbu soda. and got climbing back. one word for it " backbreaking", now we understood why sachin was in no mood to climb down. (here we were the stupid ones). finaly got our asses out, left the place, had lunch at a roadside shack (parce pulao and masala omlet (not recomended)) and got back home at ten thirty at night.
one word......"FANTASTIC"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

ankola countryside... Posted by Picasa
ankola countryside... Posted by Picasa
ankola countryside... Posted by Picasa
me aftere breakfast... Posted by Picasa
Parag freeing his arms.... Posted by Picasa
Nearing Karwar... Posted by Picasa
Galgibaug....cancona... Posted by Picasa
River Sharavathi Posted by Picasa
Uttar kannada country side... Posted by Picasa
uttar kannada country side... Posted by Picasa
Cow boys!!! Posted by Picasa
uttar kannada countryside... Posted by Picasa
Ankola-Kumta road... Posted by Picasa
Karwar- Ankola road... Posted by Picasa
Having a blast at jog falls... Posted by Picasa
our discovery of Parag.... Posted by Picasa

banks of the river sharavathi... Posted by Picasa
River Sharavathi Posted by Picasa
zoom... on the way to jog falls Posted by Picasa
bottom view... jog falls... Posted by Picasa
finally down...bottom of the jog falls... Posted by Picasa
A rocky path down.... Posted by Picasa
Almost down, to the bottom of jog falls... Posted by Picasa
Was quiet a work out, climbimg down and up.. Posted by Picasa