Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Great Escape, Goa

Here it is guys, the first of the two projects that i said i am working on. This was the Mahindra Great Escape, the event was actually dam good, quiet well planned and the route too was well chosen. and the end result was a fantastic outing. You guys should heve been there.
On the flip side, as tough as the route was for the 2 WD vehicles, it was a walk in the park for us 4 WD vehicle owners. Also the rains failled us and never showed up taking away half of the water we were supposed to splash up, and finally in comparision to a hard day at my work place, ( the iron ore mine) this was just another days outing.
But the place was fantastically scenic, as it can only be in Goa during the monsoons.
Am putting up some snaps for you guys to see what happened. enjoy yourselves.
The great escape.... Posted by Picasa
I had a blast... but was just like another day at work... Posted by Picasa
cant stand people with dirty cars... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 20, 2005

country roads... Posted by Picasa
The show stealer... (my jeep was the best) Posted by Picasa
before... Posted by Picasa
before... Posted by Picasa
before.... Posted by Picasa
after... Posted by Picasa
The end... Posted by Picasa
The end... Posted by Picasa
criss...cross.. Posted by Picasa
deep in the jungle... Posted by Picasa
deep in the jungle... Posted by Picasa
deep in the forest... Posted by Picasa
taking a dip.. Posted by Picasa
round the trees.... Posted by Picasa
skiddfest.... Posted by Picasa
Here we go.... Posted by Picasa
there they go... Posted by Picasa
deep jungle... Posted by Picasa
catch me if you can... Posted by Picasa
forest trail on fire... Posted by Picasa
Grass land on fire... Posted by Picasa
traffic jam.... Posted by Picasa